Friday, January 27, 2006

Secrets for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire

(Taken reference from Dr. Rebbie Straubing's course on relationships....)

There are few secrets in life that so simple that you may feel inclined to ignore them....but first lets get down to todays secret....

Secret 1: Focus on Uplifting Others

As you move through your work day, uplift everyone you come in contact with. Your mission is to have them feel better about themselves and life in general when they leave you than they did before they ran into you. So simple. So easy to do. And unbelievably powerful.

And what I love about this secret is that it is not only going to move you ahead with your boss or your employees or your co-workers or your clients, it also becomes a foundational part of your spiritual practice or what is called sadhana in yoga.

Well, let's think about it. You are certainly going to run into a few people who are not your cup of tea. And yet, you will stay true to your commitment to uplift others. It will become an interesting challenge as you find that some people connect with Source Energy through different channels than others. (Did I forget to mention that being an uplifter does not mean using your might and your muscle to lift the spirit of others? It is simply the art of saying, or doing something, or simply being a certain way, that influences others toward releasing their resistance. When that happens their spirit lifts automatically.)

So all you really do as an uplifter is ease people in their moment. Smile, acknowledge, see the beauty in the other and you will uplift them. By making this effort to look beyond the person's resistance-worn appearance and see through to their beautiful soul, you cause them to vibrate sympathetically.

Suddenly they too are sensing their beautiful soul and pretty soon they feel pretty good. When you discover the art of having this effect on people, you are an uplifter. And you too are uplifted in the process.

Really, this is the best way to move ahead in your career, or build a private practice as a professional, or get a raise as a cashier. It doesn't matter where you are now or where you want to be. Simply apply this secret and you will move… fast.
Be an uplifter.

This is absolutely essential!

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Why do People get angry sometimes....that is the question?

Sometimes, I feel why do people get angry...and that too at such petty things..Also, this includes getting angry is not so good or infact it is not at all good. Getting angry can be harmful for your well as it may cause a lot of mental may also be a spoil-sport in your relationships..If we are not happy at something...then we tend to get angry and in that event shout like hell...and waste our energy..which is not good...instead we should conserve our energy to use it in some useful work...One should laugh as much as possible...Daily, if you laugh atleast 30 mins then you are using a lot of muscels...which keeps you fresh....I used to get angru very often but now I have atleast learnt how to control my either involving myself in some other work...or remaining very pressure situations...and also I practise the morning and that gives me a lot of concentration...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

How good is your Manager?

What makes you a good manager? What are the most important qualities to be an effective manager?

Such questions must have crossed your mind if you are a manager or want to become an effective manager. Good managers do not necessarily make good leaders and good leaders do not necessarily make good managers. Below are few tips to become an effective manager:

  • Ability to communicate effectively:
    Communication is the most important thing to be a good manager. It requires you to communicate with people at all levels such as client, peers, or subordinates. A good manager should be open and direct towards its team members.
  • Ability to provide a shared vision:
    A good manager is described as having a vision of guiding the team members towards its direction and the ability to articulate that vision. It was once said that a “Good Manager is someone who lifts us up, gives us a reason for being and gives the vision and spirit to change."
  • Should have integrity:
    A good manager is remembered more by his/her actions than words. Thus, it is the manager who sets an example for the team. A good manager demands dedication to, and expression of, moral practices. Also, a good manager should be able to creating standards for ethical behavior for oneself and living by these standards.
  • Should have a positive attitude:
    A manager who has a negative attitude –may destroy the moral of team. . A good manager should have a positive attitude and should be filled with enthusiasm with a feeling of “We can do” attitude. A good manager with a positive attitude is committed to his/her goal express the commitment through optimism.
  • Must have team building skills:
    Above all, a good manager must have effective team-building skills which mean that manager must be able hold the team together in a common purpose toward the right objective. A good manager must be bale to transform a group of strangers to a single cohesive unit. In addition, a good manager must understand the process and dynamics required for this transformation. A good manager must also have understanding of different team players styles and how to capitalize on each of these styles at the appropriate time.
  • Should have effective problem-solving skills:
    Although a manager is said to share problem-solving responsibilities with the team; however, a good manager should have excellent problem-solving ability themselves.
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure:
    In the typical IT scenario where projects would be delivered on time, under a fixed budget and with no major problems or obstacles to overcome; it is required for a manager to remain calm under pressure situations. A good manager when encounters a stressful event, considers it interesting, and feels he/she can influence the outcome and view it as an opportunity.
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