Friday, September 19, 2008

Reality Shows: What's the big deal!

First, it was the Saas-bahu saga with Ekta Kapoor been considered as the Soap Queen as her two shows rocked the whole nation, and now the "reality show" boom is rocking the whole nation in the television industry. Every other day a channel is born, and what you see first is a reality show whether it is for dance, music, or any other activity. You name it, and you have a reality show for that particular thing. So, now, people who have talent don't have to go knocking the doors of the concerned persons, and neither they have to deliberately leave their homes to the city of dreams called "Mumbai" for getting a break. They can do it easily by participating in such reality shows, though they still have to work very hard, of course. Without hard work, nothing is possible on this earth. You cant get everything served on your plate. But, media has really shown the doors to the people who deserve their every right to be in the limelight. But, easier said than done, are these reality shows really giving an opportunity to the people who deserve or this is just a gimmick and the real story of reality shows is entirely different. I wonder, some day Madhur Bandharkar will make a film on "Reality Shows" even as to what happens in the backdrop of reality shows and whats the real story all about, like he did in so many other movies such as Corporate, Page-3, and his latest to be released, "Fashion".

Whatever may be the case, if people are benefiting with these "Reality Shows", then I surely put my vote on it, even if an SMS worth 3 Rs and it earns a billion dollar for the organizers. So what, if the organizers and sponsors are earning a hell amount of money. They have every right to earn money as the saying goes, "Its All about Money, Honey".

But everything has a limit, and too many reality shows may spoil the entertainment saga. People tend to get bore easily, and they may not be interested in it any more. So, the channels and media will have to think of something else to replace the boom of reality show. But, till then, keep on enjoying the reality show bandwagon and watch the fights happening in the shows to have fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Delhi ROCKS!

Last weekend, we witnessed yet another blasts hitting another metropolitan city, our very own "DELHI". All these blasts took place in the most happening places of Delhi viz-a-viz, Connaught Place, Greater Kailash-I, and Karol Bagh. Whovever did this horrifying act, had done his home-work well as the day being a "weekend" is filled with a lot of people coming over there for shopping and having fun. But, how do they know that the fun would be all lost in the sky. Those of whom, who stayed back home were lucky enough and those who went there were the unlucky ones. I have always heard from saints and my mom saying that life is in hands of the Almighty, "GOD" but I wander sometimes that is really life in God's hands or these people who perform such barbaric acts. I was listening in one of the news channels that one of the couples had come to Delhi for the first time, and had vowed to never come in their life again because what they suffered was really horrifying. Theor trip was made their last one due to this barbaric act. But, life moves on. Whatever, blasts may occur in Delhi, life still moves on at its own pace. The people who have performed such an act cant really disturb the mood of Delhi. Delhi still rocks and will continue to rock no matter how many bomb blasts may happen. The politicians have condemend it, media have criticized it, and a lot of people have suffered. But, with time, all will foget, and then people will come out again on streets to have fun and go for shopping. No terrorist can really put fear in our hearts and minds as long as we have faith in our GOD. Delhi is city where a millions of people from different culture and diversity have come to earn their livelihood, and have made it their home.

No one can burn the spirit of Delhities, and neither can such barbaric acts bring down our enery levels. We delhities will still say, "चलता है यार...ऐसे छोटे मोटे अच्सिदेंट्स तो होते ही रहते हैं तो इससे कोई जीना तो नहीं छोड़ देता॥"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Shame on you!

Its such a shame that though we live in India, and say that India is a secular and a democratic country, but still we are divided based upon different castes. And, now there is different kind of divide bing created, and i.e. regional divide. For instance, a person born in Delhi goes to Maharashtra or Mumbai (which is considered as a land of dreams for millions of people) to earn his/her living. But, what he/she gets in turn is a regional divide, and is asked or rather forced to adopt the language of that particular region. India has a one of the largest democratic country in the whole world, and what name we are giving in front of the world. How safe is the common man when the well-known personalities like Jaya Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan are being attacked for being claiming themselves to be a part of the regions from where they have come. Can anyone forget a region from where they have come or have been born? For that matter, are we trying to prove everyone that India is not a democratic country but rather it is a non-secular country. There is a need for a consensus, and the media needs to react to the situation urgently before it gets too late. I just read an article in, which mentions that "In southern states, the anti-Hindi campaign has been on for the last sixty years. There is a ban on Hindi films and Hindi news in Tamil Nadu (Source:

I was shocked to see this news, and it is a known fact that most of the tamil movies are bing dubbed in hindi and vice-versa and the hindi ones are more popular. Not only this, even the tamil actors and actresses such as Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth, Jaya Prada, and so on have been more successful in the Bollywood than they were in Tamil cinema. Then, why such a regional divide? More shocking in the article was that in Assam, people are killed who speak in hindi. Its high time we do something for this situation. This is a serious issue, and the media needs to take thew responsibility on their shoulders instead of giving us news if how a man reached the moon or how a cheetah killed a mouse or even when did Amitabh Bachchan went to temple.

We live in India no matter which region we belong to, and if we are a democratic country then make us feel that we area secular and democratic country.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Such is his caliber...

He is a genius. Such is his caliber that whichever movie or even for that matter, an advertisement he does, becomes a "hit". Some people don't have do silly things and they still create history. While, some people continue to struggle throughout their life, and they keep on searching for that little break. He has such power within himself that he can turn the fans to follow him. He is the "Aamir Khan". Whether it is Aakash from 'Dil Chahta Hai' or Bhuvan from 'Lagaan' or a Art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh from his latest TZP. All of them have created history, and he has been able to voo the audience.

Yesterday, I was watching his advertisement for "Tata Sky" as he is their brand ambassador. I must say that he is simply the genius. Someone was telling me the other day that he charges around 14 crores for an advertisement. I said, "WOW". But, then I realized that with the power he has, this money that he charges is nothing. I havent seen him in doing any kind of shows like "Paachvi Paas se Tez Hai" or "Dus ka Dum" but still people like him; and they admire him.

I must say that if anyone is a Badshah of Indian Cinema, It has to be "Aamir Khan".

Monday, September 01, 2008

Divide & Rule

So, here I am again with a yet another blog entry. Last month, there had been a quite a few so this month I will make a point to post as regular as possible.

Starting this month, we have some bad news and some good. Lets have some good news, and the good one is, that the Amarnath shrine board has agreed upon to compromise. Sometimes, I wonder when they had to compromise then it could have done some two months earlier, and it would have saved so much of bloodshed that have occurred since these months. Though, the Kashmir valley is not happy with this but its just the minor chuckles, and I believe congress have some shrewd politicians, and they will make them agree.

Now, for the bad news, the riots in Orissa seem to be in no control, and just for the wrong reason. And, now there are riots between Hindus and Christians. Sometimes, I wonder why our dear politicians feel so proud in having a religious divide among the people of India. It seems like they are following the "Divide & Rule" policy that the British used to do while they were here in India. The British though have gone but they have taught quite a few lessons to these politicians and this one is among them, Divide and Rule. You divide the people based upon the religions and rule upon them. But, today's man seem to be more aware of things, and have understood this underlying fact. They don't have any problem with any religion as far as they are getting the opportunities. This world has become a land of opportunities, though it had always been but people have realized this fact recently, and are trying to cope with it. So, be it a Hindi, a Muslim, a Christian, or a Sikh, all are mere individuals who come in this world as an individual to perform their duties, and then go back after they task is over, I mean to say after their retirement age comes ahead of them. Everything is planned for us, individuals. God has made a plan for each one of us, and have sent us according to that plan. There is no miss in any schedule, and all the deadlines are met accordingly.

So, how much we are divided and ruled upon, there is one Almighty who is ruling upon us, and who has sent us for a purpose and will call us when that purpose is finished.